The Hero In My Story

Every story has a hero.

Jesus is the hero in the story of my life.

Here’s my story
I was the guilty but He paid the penalty
I was the sinner but He died to be my redeemer

I deserved to die, but He died for me to live

I was the convicted, but by His blood I became acquitted
What manner of love is this?
He died for me,even when my heart was anything but a dove.

Reminds me of a song;

He paid the debt

He did not owe

I owed the debt I could not pay

I needed someone to wipe my sins away

Now, I can a brand new song

Amazing Grace

Lord Jesus paid the debt that I could never pay.


He paid once and for all
That I might be united with The Father for all time
Sin you are conquered,death you are conquered,fear you are disgraced!
My King & Lord is alive forevermore!

Jesus, The Son Of God who died ,whom God rose up from the dead after three days is The hero in the story of my life!Friend, I believe in Jesus.

And beloved,He overcame everything you are battling with now.

He overcame pain
He overcame discouragement
He overcame loneliness
He overcame sickness
He overcame rejection
He overcame isolation
He overcame lack
He overcame financial difficulty

And guess who he handed the trophy of His victory to?

You! Yes You.

Believe Him.
Think Victory
Talk Victory.
Walk Victory.
He did not just give you the trophy of Victory, He gave you Himself.


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