Our school of talents is designed to equip and train our brethren with skills which utilizes their unique talents most productively. The school runs once every three months. The following courses are presently being offered.


The previous training was on perfume making well resourced by a professional in the field.Part of his presentation included cost and benefit analysis. Brethren were amazed at the margin of profit in the business and art of perfume making. Other cosmetic products will also be taught in subsequent trainings.


Brethren learn the fine art of designing and making quality footwears. This course is also well resourced by a player in the market of footwear designs. This course also offers an additional benefit of learning hand on how to select and combine materials for an efficient outcome. A trip to the market will be made.

Coming up August 4th, 2018.


Making fine bags of different patterns with African Ankara fabric is on the high trend. This course offers basic techniques in the art of making lovely ankara bags.


With the rise in technology and social events came an ever increasing demand for the classic and fine art of cinematography. From video coverage, photo coverage, to projector management, the resource person brings live practicals into the lesson. To equip brethren with best practices in the field.


Learning to make modest and outfits that stand the climate of a changing fashion scene is a worth while skill. That is exactly what we aim for in our fashion designing course. To equip believers with skills that will enable them set godly trends in the fashion industry.


In the pastries courses, brethren learn to make different pastries like cake, chin chin, meat pies etc. Their also learn basic skills and techniques around each pastry product.


“Then this Daniel was distinguished above the presidents and the satraps because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.” Dan. 6:3 (AMP)

The business and career school is a professional training platform for our brethren in business and other sectors of public service.

In this training they learn the principles that will equip them to serve the public with integrity of the heart and skillfulness of the hands. (As recorded of David in Psalm 78:72).