About Us

Living Love Global Ministries (a.k.a leaders family) is a non-denominational, Pentecostal and charismatic fellowship body. The brethren in this ministry are united in Christ with a passion for the expression and manifestation of the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ here on earth.


By raising global leaders and calling men into relationship with God, We seek to have a balance of worship, fellowship, discipleship and witness hence Global leaders ministries is open to all Christians without denominational or ecclesiastical barrier. Our statement of purpose is evidenced in our Motto: ‘Raising global leaders that reveal the love of God for nations, Isa. 55:4, Exo. 18:25, Mark12:30, which is being pursued by our manifestation of Christ-like lifestyle at all times and in all places.

We believe in maintaining the best atmosphere for Gods people to come and build their faith and maturity in Christ. The ministry is a platform for people who are passionately and fervently committed to announcing Christ, not only in words but in their actions as they grow in grace daily.

The brethren in this fellowship  gather together once in a week for fellowship in the word and prayer. The cell units meet at designated homes for more intimate knowing and sharing among the brethren. It is a movement of the apostolic fellowship full of love for God and one another and deep passion for souls.