My Labor Room Testimony

You know God just blessed us with a baby, right?


We thank God.

Just couldn’t get past the nudge to share my testimony of what The Lord did for us.

Are you ready?

Alright, let’s dive in.

First, let’s pray.

Hope you don’t mind. Glad you don’t.

Father, we thank you for this opportunity to share what you have done for us. We present this testimony to you. We ask that You use it as a tool to encourage, strengthen and edify our hearts in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I thank God for the privilege of conception and delivery. God showed us mercy. It’s not because of anything we did. It’s by the mercies of God.

My story, our story is a journey of the mercies of God.

It was a pleasant pregnancy journey. Let me not bore you with long stories.

Let’s fast forward to the d-day.

I woke up early that morning and I had a “knowing” that today is the day- not necessarily because of any signs. Just an assurance – the signs came later.

As is my custom I created a playlist of songs… That’s one of my tiny little secrets. I play gospel songs during labor. It helps take my mind away from my body to the Supreme One who created the miracle of conception and delivery.

I dressed up, dropped off my children at school, and started going to the hospital. Yeah, I drove to the hospital in between contractions.

Don’t look at me that way and think “you are a strong woman”

“I am not. I am the weakest of the weak. I give it all to The Holy Spirit. He leads, I follow.”

On my way to the hospital, I dropped by at the matron’s house to confirm if it’s true labor.

Earlier in the previous month, I had some signs and we rushed to the hospital around 11am. Spent the night and it turned out that it was a false labour. I thank God for my husband. He spent that long night with me and had to pass the night on a spring bed without matress.

That is why it was important to me to confirm before I go to the hospital.

So, the matron confirmed it was the real deal and we both left to the hospital.

When we got there, i thought labor will progress so quickly and it will be a matter of minutes, before delivery. Well, God had better plans and a perfect time for everything.

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Within the period of waiting, news got to some Godly women that I was in labor.

About 4 of them- Mum.Ngozi, Mum. Kate, Mum.Ojiugo and later on Mum.Nwokedi.

They were with me exercising, praying, cheering, and watching. They were helpers of my faith that day.

Initially, I didn’t want to border anyone to go with me. ( I wanted an action movie between the Holy Spirit, myself, and the midwives.)

My mum called me while in labor and asked where I was – I told her. She now started calling for someone to standby. And voila! That is how I had four Godly women with me that day.

When the dilation was at 7cm, the contraction wasn’t so strong again. I remember telling them that even without the ‘strong contrations’ this baby will come forth. My trust is in GOD.

During the labour of our first child, I had told the nurse that was attending to me that I was feeling ‘pressed’

She thought I was just acting funny and it was one of those signs.

I insisted and she gave me bucket to use. As I was trying to poo, that is how baby’s head was coming out. I shouted when I noticed and that is how I was rushed to the main labor room and the miracle happened.

God is awesome. I marvel greatly at the whole process from conception to delivery.

I thank God. I really thank God.

Join us to thank God

Thank you for rejoicing with us.

Now, I have a word for you. Do you have a need that you really desire an intervention from God?

Find out God’s will for that situation and stick to it.

By God’s grace, I always confess and believe that I would have pregnancy and childbirth the way God intends it.

God intends for us to deliver safely

God intends for us to be strong

God intends for us to have Godly seeds

And I pray for you, too.

May you have life the way God intends it in Jesus name.

Should I tell you how we received the gender and names of our babies?

By God’s grace, I will share it with you next time. Please subscribe to get the notifications when I do.

God bless you more and more.

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